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Let's get you VISIBLE this year!

Visibility Audits that will help you boost your digital presence in the online space and help you stand out from the crowd!

Need help being seen?

Do you feel like no one knows what you do or how passionate you are about making an impact...they don't see you, they don’t know who you are and you just feel...invisible.


Maybe you've spent countless hours on social media or you've lost count of the number of tweaks you've made to your website, all in the hope that it will help you engage with your ideal clients and build a connection with your audience.


But it isn't working, and you're ready to give up and wait for those elusive referrals to come through to the door instead!


Let me tell you that Visibility is my mantra! In an incredibly short period of time, I have been able to distinguish myself from other brand photographers in the industry, and I pride myself in becoming the go-to photographer for Personal Branding in Chester. 


And it all boils down to the Visibility Strategy that I have applied in my own business, as well as helping over 70 businesses use it in their own digital marketing strategies to build trust and connection with their dream clients. 

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"When a (wo)man is out of sight, it is not long before (s)he is out of mind."

Victor Hugo

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I would highly recommend Maira Azhar for all things brand. She has a great deal of insight and expertise and gives you straight forward, no nonsense feedback.

I know she will connect the photos to my purpose, my brand and of course me! Thank you Maira!

Lyann Farrelly, Leadership Coach.

Is Visibility just a buzzword?

Visibility seems to be the buzz word these days isn't it?! Wherever you go, you hear businesses talk about getting seen or boosting their visibility, or 'showing up'. 

What does it all mean? And are you feeling like you need to get on the bandwagon and avoid the FOMO?

Let me help you. 

In such a fast-paced, digital (and very AI) world, social media scroll-addictive audience, how do you stand out from the crowd and be at the forefront of your client's mind, hearts and wallets?!

The answer is visibility. 

Far from being just a buzzword, visibility is what will make your brand UNFORGETTABLE! 


Visibility means that you are the go-to person in your industry. 


It means that your brand is perceived to be  relevant, fresh and highly sought after!

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Have you taken the Visibility Quiz?

Want to know where you stand when it comes to your online visibility?

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What is an Online Visibility Audit?

You know how important visibility is for your business, especially when you work closely with clients and they need to be able to trust you, to connect with you, and feel like you're the only one who can help them solve their problem. Your reputation means everything.

In a Visibility Audit, I will take a look at all your visibility touch points and using my experience both as a brand photographer and a business owner, I will delve deep into your client's experience and customer journey with you and give you a true picture of what your brand's reputation is and how can we make it more dynamic and visible.

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Who are the Visibility Audits for?

If you've been in business for over 2 years and you are ready to invest so you can grow your business, get more clients and make more money.

You struggle to get visible and want to feel more confident in your marketing. No more playing small and hiding away!

You don't have a lot of time, but you need a boost of energy and marketing mojo injected in your business!

You want to take action! And you want someone to show you the roadmap so you can start implementing those steps that will move your business forward.

The best kept visibility secrets.

Over the last few years, I have been fortunate enough to be mentored by some of the most well-known visibility coaches and brand strategists. 

Plus I entered a highly saturated industry (hello fellow photographers!) and when I first started out, I had no portfolio, no network and no marketing skills experience!

But with the help of my mentors, and a LOT of grit, I became one of the most visible and successful brand photographers in Chester. 

And I am ready to share all my visibility secrets with you. 

It doesn't matter at what stage of your business you are, or how big your social media following is, the basic principles of creating and growing a strategically visible and dynamic brand are still the same!

How does it work?

Visibility audits are such an incredible way of getting an expert to look at your content, present you with the most critical findings and then give you a roadmap on how to elevate your brand with the most effective and proven visibility strategies. 


Once you book the Visibility Booster session with me, I will send you a pre-audit questionnaire that will help me understand more about your business and your key visibility and marketing challenges.


After you send me the questionnaire back, I will conduct a detailed audit of your website, social media and any other digital marketing channels that your business uses.


After our call, you will receive a Visibility Action Plan that will outline the steps you need to take to move your business forward. I'll share with you the strategies and plans you can implement to boost your visibility and elevate your online brand presence.

What's Included?

  • Pre-Audit Questionnaire about your business
  • An audit of all your marketing platforms
  • Your Visibility Action Plan 
  • Brand Visibility Guide & Checklist

Your Investment - £147

Once you have received the results of the Audit and have started implementing the guidance within the Visibility Action Plan, you can book a follow up 1 - 1 call with me. Just get in touch with me and I can create a bespoke package to help you stay accountable.

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Absolutely thrilled with the brand shoot experience with Maira! From start to finish, it exceeded all expectations. Maira is incredibly professional, creative, and attentive to every detail. She truly captured the essence of our brand and brought our vision to life.

Nicola Smith, HR Consultant

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Ready to make a change?

You don't need expensive courses or spend hours and hours of your time on YouTube to find answers to your visibility challenges. I will cut out the work for you and by following my guidance in your Visibility Action Plan, you will start seeing positive results you need to move your business forward. 


Grow Your Brand & Get More Clients!

Find out how you can:

Increase your visibility on social media.
Key mistakes to avoid when growing your brand.
The power and benefits of a personal brand shoot.

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